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Nitrile EXAMINATION BRIGHTWAY Gloves (Medical, Dental, Labs, Vets) *EXTRA SMALL ONLY*

Nitrile EXAMINATION BRIGHTWAY Gloves (Medical, Dental, Labs, Vets) *EXTRA SMALL ONLY*


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Personal Protective Equipment Nitrile EXAMINATION AdvanCare Gloves (Medical, Dental, Labs, Vets)

BRIGHTWAY Brand Nitrile Examination Gloves, available in a soothing Blue hue, are meticulously designed for medical purposes. These disposable gloves serve as a protective barrier, ensuring there is no contamination between the examiner and the patient during medical examinations.

Key Features:

  • Class I Patient Examination Gloves: Crafted to meet the highest safety standards.
  • Powder-Free: Say goodbye to messy powder and discomfort.
  • Meets ASTM D 6319-10 and FDA 21 CFR 880.6250 Requirements: Rest assured, our gloves are compliant with stringent industry standards.

FDA Approved: BRIGHTWAY Brand Nitrile Examination Gloves have received FDA approval, signifying their quality and safety for medical use.

Ambidextrous Design: These gloves are thoughtfully designed to fit either hand, ensuring convenience for medical professionals.

Nitrile Material: Crafted from durable and reliable Nitrile material, these gloves offer the strength and dexterity required for delicate medical procedures and various tasks.

Disposable Convenience: Enjoy the ease of disposing of these gloves after use, promoting hygiene and efficiency.

Product Details:

  • Color: Blue

Experience the elegance of touch and feel combined with the strength and dexterity necessary for delicate medical procedures and tasks. BRIGHTWAY Brand Nitrile Examination Gloves are the trusted choice for medical professionals.

Elevate your safety measures with these FDA-approved, powder-free, and ambidextrous gloves. Ensure the highest level of protection while maintaining the utmost comfort and convenience in your medical practice