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Shipping was fast and reliable, and I received my order in a timely manner. I was very impressed with the quality of the PPE....I am extremely satisfied with my experience with PPE Online.

Michael P

I received my order of childrens n95 respirators and I’m so pleased with them. They are soft and comfortable and fit really well. I was also very pleased that I received my order 3 days after placing my order.

Chantal R

Very good service and very professional staff....Both times I have spoken with John, who....helped me with picking the correct material, listening carefully to my needs and making sure I receive what i needed.

Adrineh H

Thank you....for the fast and efficient delivery of our rapid tests. We have been working with a supplier that promised us tests for well over a week. I....placed an order and have received our shipment.

Miranda P

Many thanks. I do have another order already on its way to me. And I will order again in future. I have also recommended you to my family.

Jen K

All of the normal businesses that I order stock from were sold out....PPE Online consistently had the PPE I needed in stock....They are a very reliable and knowledgeable business.

Ms. Sandra W, Assistant Executive Director

When it has been difficult to get supplies elsewhere, PPE online has managed to keep stock of needed items, and priced them competitively....What really sets them apart is their customer service.


Great experience, easy to order, fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Judy W, Office Manager

Your willingness to work with us and fit test (on site) our personnel to ensure safe fit and use were greatly appreciated and I would like to commend you on your professionalism.

Paul A, Deputy Fire Chief

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PPE Online operates from Southwestern Ontario, Canada, catering to customers nationwide in both Canada and the United States. Our mission is to offer cost-effective personal protective equipment (PPE) and locally crafted reusable cloth masks, conveniently delivered to homes or businesses. In collaboration with Second Chance CPR, a reputable CPR and First Aid training provider based in Windsor, Ontario, since 1989, we bring decades of expertise to our services.

What sets us apart from other PPE suppliers across North America is our commitment to transparency and efficiency. Unlike many competitors, our online inventory accurately reflects our stock availability, except for items explicitly marked as "Pre Order." We take pride in our swift and streamlined ordering process, ensuring a seamless experience from browsing our website to receiving your package promptly at your doorstep.


Why Do You Need Personal Protective Equipment?

The importance of personal protective equipment cannot be overemphasized. These equipment are designed to protect you and help minimize exposure to hazards that tend to cause severe workplace injuries and illnesses. 

If you work in a hospital or a manufacturing organization, you are likely to be exposed to patients with various types of ailments, as well as chemicals, respectively. These infected persons and chemicals can cause serious health problems if you fail to protect yourself against them.

Illnesses and injuries usually occur as a result of contact with sick people, chemical substances, as well as mechanical, biological, electrical, radiological, or physical incidents. You cannot afford to be careless about protecting yourself and your staff.

Some common transmissible illnesses from carriers include chicken pox, measles, conjunctivitis (pink eye), mononucleosis, pertussis, influenza, herpes simplex (cold sores), hepatitis A and B, adeno/rhino viruses, mycoplasma pneumonia, etc.

To avoid the ailments and injuries outlined above, you and your staff certainly need personal protective equipment. These equipment are also important for household use if you handle chemicals that can easily cause any form of health problem due to constant exposure to them.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Online is committed to helping you avoid the occurrence of any form of illness that spreads via contact transmission, as well as other workplace hazards and the implications that come with them. 

There are diverse kinds of PPE items for protecting your head, eyes, ears, respiratory system, hands, feet, and entire body. Some top-notch quality personal protective equipment products available on our PPE website include the following:

While some personal protective equipment are reusable, others are designed to be used just once. So, you must ensure to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendations to enjoy the best satisfaction from each of the equipment..

If you run a small healthcare center or a large hospital, you certainly need high-quality personal protective equipment for yourself and your staff. No matter how professional you may be, the tendency to contract illnesses and diseases through physical contact is something you must beware of.

You Need Personal Protective Equipment Always

According to a statistical report from NCBI, about 15,266 people have died from the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) since 1976. Meanwhile, a recent report revealed that over 2,100 people had died from the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Also, a Wikipedia report revealed that the Ebola virus kills around 25% – 90% of its victims.

Furthermore, World Health Organization (WHO) reported a death toll of 1,813,188 from the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19) by 31 December 2020. As of 2021, over 3.4 million people had died from the coronavirus disease.

Consequently, some of the major health recommendations to minimize exposure to the COVID-19 virus included wearing facemasks to protect the nose, hand gloves to protect the hands from infected surfaces, and so on.

Considering the dangerous implications of some transmissible diseases and viruses, you need to wear personal protective equipment regularly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing a task in the lab or handling a chemical substance at home, you definitely need protection.

While you protect yourself, you must also take responsibility for the protection of your workers, as well as kids at home. Therefore, ensure to take advantage of the list of PPE items that we offer.

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