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**KIDS* KN95 BLACK Face Masks (Pack of 50)**Closeout Pricing**

**KIDS* KN95 BLACK Face Masks (Pack of 50)**Closeout Pricing**

KN95 / N95 / CA-N95 Collection by PPE ONLINE

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POD KN95 Kids Face Masks, now available in sleek Black, are thoughtfully crafted for the well-being of your little ones. These masks are tailored to provide an optimal fit, ensuring secure coverage over your child's mouth and nose. The adjustable straps gently secure the mask behind their ears, ensuring a snug and comfortable wear.

Advanced Filtration: Our POD KN95 Kids Face Masks boast multiple layers of high-quality synthetic materials. They excel in capturing and filtering out a remarkable 95 percent of tiny 0.3-micron particles from the surrounding air, enhancing your child's protection.

Color Options: POD KN95 Kids Face Masks are offered in both classic Black and clean White, allowing your child to express their style while staying safe. Each pack includes 5 masks for your convenience.

Additional Features:

  • Adjustable Nose Piece: Tailor the fit for your child's comfort.
  • Latex-Free Ear Loops: Designed for sensitive skin.
  • Compact and Disposable: Easy to carry and dispose of responsibly.
  • Non-Medical Grade: Ideal for everyday use.
  • Size: 10.5×5.25 cm
  • Please note that this KN95 mask is NOT an N95 mask but serves as a suitable alternative.
  • The mask features a snug and secure fit, providing reliable protection.

Product Details:

  • Product Code: KN95M-005
  • Materials: Non-Woven Fabric

Prioritize your child's well-being with POD KN95 Kids Face Masks, the perfect blend of safety and style. Explore our range today to keep your little ones protected in any environment.