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Supporting The Local Guys: Made In Canada

No doubt sourcing PPE has been as stressful as trying to ensure you, your staff or your family don’t get sick. Procuring PPE has been an endless game of chasing products and deals only to be disappointed. The Government of Canada supported many start-ups at the beginning of the pandemic to retool and produce desperately needed PPE to fill the void. Ford of Canada, Cimpress (Vistaprint) are just a few of the Global players who have stepped up to the Government’s call to action.

AMP Medical is one of the first local companies to develop, produce and pass all regulatory requirements to provide much needed Level 3 surgical style masks, and proudly Canadian non-the-less. Countless Canadian companies have stepped up to produce products in support of the pandemic (ventilators, gowns, face shields) but AMP Medical is one of the first to offer a Health Canada and ASTM approved Level 3 surgical mask. PPE Online is proudly Canadian and we are pleased to offer this Canadian made Level 3 mask to our customers. Check it out by clicking here.

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