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Stay Safe During Air Travel: Essential COVID-19 Tips and PPE Supplies from PPE Online

A recent study in Malaysia has revealed that over 96% of airplane flights have tested positive for COVID-19. With the continued spread of the virus, it's crucial to take precautions to keep ourselves and our communities safe while travelling, especially with many people disregarding mask mandates and pandemic measures. Canadian scientists are focusing on wastewater testing at major airports to detect new variants and monitor the current situation. Professor Lawrence Goodridge of the University of Guelph, who is involved in the testing, emphasizes the importance of monitoring airport wastewater as it gives insight into incoming international travellers and potential public health threats. To stay safe, it's recommended to get vaccinated, check travel restrictions, take a COVID-19 test, and follow guidelines such as mask-wearing and social distancing.  Lucky at PPE Online we have all your PPE travel Supplies covered.



  • Stay current with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters
  • Research COVID-19 situation at destination
  • Follow travel restrictions (masks, vaccination proof, testing, quarantine) by state/local/territorial
  • Take a home COVID-19 test close to travel (max 3 days before)


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BTNX Rapid Antigen Test (5 tests per box)

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Stay Safe During Air Travel with These COVID-19 Tips

  • Ensure all travelers have masks, and choose the right option for your needs with PPE Online. Our Individually Sealed KN95 Mask and compact boxes of 10 CA-N95 Masks make it easy to keep yourself and your traveling companions protected.
  • Wear your mask at all times in the airport, while waiting to board, during the flight, and in your destination’s airport. Make sure to cover both your nose and mouth, and keep the mask on throughout the flight.
  • Minimize contact with high-touch surfaces such as handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, and payment machines. Wash and sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose, and mouth.


COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we travel and it is important to take necessary precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. With the recent discovery of positive COVID-19 cases in airplane flights, it is crucial to stay informed and follow guidelines such as wearing masks and social distancing. PPE Online is committed to providing travelers with the necessary PPE supplies for air travel including masks, gloves, gowns, and rapid COVID-19 tests. Stay protected and safe during air travel by following the tips and guidelines mentioned above. Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, research the COVID-19 situation at your destination, and follow travel restrictions. Get a home COVID-19 test close to travel, wear a mask at all times while in the airport and on the flight, minimize contact with high-touch surfaces, and avoid touching your face. Trust PPE Online to provide you with all your PPE travel supplies.

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