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Oxivir Disinfectant! What is it?

Oxivir One Minute and Oxivir TB are two trusted products that PPE Online carries from Diversey. These disinfectants are Hydrogen Peroxide based formulas designed to sanitize and disinfect hard and soft surfaces with very short contact times.

These solutions and their effectiveness are based on contact time or wet time of the solution on the surface. When you clean/spray the chemical on the surface and allow the chemical to sit on the surface for the recommended timeframe, that is where the pathogens are killed. If we spray and wipe to quickly, the chemical will not get enough contact time to allow the solution to work.

With the recommended contact time, the spray or wipe will kill the majority of viruses and pathogens on the surfaces.  Oxivir One Minute and Oxivir TB kills MRSA, Norovirus, RSV and Adenovirus when used properly.

Always, always read the instructions. Oxivir One Minute and Oxivir TB and wipes meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating surfaces soiled with blood and body fluids. We carry bottles (946mL), 18.9L Pails as well as the Wipes.

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