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Curb-Side Mask-Up


Depending on where in Canada you're reading this blog from, most likely you will be in some stage of lockdown. We at PPE Online would like to first give props to our healthcare providers so bravely on the frontlines and especially nurses during Nurses Week! Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Sincere appreciation for all that you do from the bottom of our hearts.
With todays blog we want to bring attention to the other front line workers that are keeping us fed, stocked and serving us our favourite coffee. With the majority of the country in some form of restrictions or lockdowns we want to bring attention to the continued vigilance wearing masks and sanitizing our hands after completing transactions and touching debit/credit terminals. Please consider wearing a mask to protect yourself and the workers that are servicing possibly hundreds of people a day, and ensure you clean your hands after you paid for the transaction (remember the hundreds of people that got their coffee before you).
PPE Online has many masks available. A level 1 mask is all you need to help protect yourself and others when you cannot guarantee 2 meters of distancing. 
And performing hand hygiene with an approved hand sanitizer will further protect you and yours.
Stay Safe Canada,
Mike M.
Co-Owner, PPE Online

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