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Are Your Visits and Transactions on PPEONLINE Safe?

Many times when people are surfing and purchasing products online, they're nervous about the level of security the website they’re surfing on possesses. Like the products we sell, the technology we use for our website and back-end are of the highest quality available.

To begin with, our website address is "https:\\PPEONLINE.CA". The https:// [1] and/or the lock symbol confirms your on a secure website. In simple terms, any info you enter into the website is encrypted between you (the customer) and our website, so all information you enter is private and secure.

Secondly, our website and fulfillment software is powered by the Canadian e-commerce company, Shopify... the best in the business. We looked at many providers while setting up our business and found Shopify to be the best one available. Shopify provides the framework for our easy to navigate website, as well as secure checkout. Once your order is placed, Shopify also assists us to fulfill your order as quickly and efficiently as possible. Shopify also assists us to provide update emails on your order. To give an idea of their dependability, Shopify provides their e-commerce platform to almost 1.7 million businesses in approximately 175 countries; and they're based in Canada.

As mentioned above, the importance of our customers security is paramount, and the same emphasis is used to ensure the products we sell have the same high-quality. When you trust us with your business, your overall safety is our #1 priority.

[1] Https stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and uses an SSL security certificate. This certificate encrypts the communication between the website and its visitors. This means that the information you enter on the website is processed securely, so that cyber criminals cannot intercept the data. Apr 30, 2021

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